High Quality Power Toch Blender

High Quality Power Toch Blender 

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Product Description

Power Toch Blender 

1.Is the blender powerful enough to crush vegetables, fruit, or nut?

100% user-friendly and powerful blenders that can crush almost everything you need to prepare for the meal. Upgraded 1800W motor that can crush food quickly and efficiently. The best choice for a kitchen or business.

2.Can I use it for ice crush?

Yes, you can make ice crush with our blender smoothie blender. You can also use this blender to make smoothies, shakes, sauces, nut butter.

3.Move while working on the table

The reason why the product moves is because the high-speed operation of the product generates centrifugal force. Since we didn’t make suction cups at the bottom, we only made anti-skid pads. Because it is easy to make suction cups difficult to pull out. This problem does occur if the anti-scratch pad is smooth on the desktop. The contact area of the anti-scratch pad was increased before the problem. If I tested it on a clean desktop, there is no problem.

4.What is a Pulse Function?

The pulse button is used when you need bursts of power at the optimum speed. This is controlled by the user which means you control how long the machine is run for. It is a useful way of avoiding over-processing. For example, it can be used for an extra burst of blending at the end of a mix to smooth the mixture a little more.

5.Is this product dishwasher safe?

Yes, you can wash this blender on dishwasher.

6.Do I have to add water to use it?

Yes, this is because the water content of each ingredient is different, so you need to add water or milk and other liquids for lubrication when cutting, so that the blade can rotate smoothly without being caught by dry food.

Tips: The drier the food, the more liquid needs to be added. It is recommended to place less than 70% of the capacity when mixing to ensure sufficient cutting space.

7.Does the product smell burnt after use?

The main reason for the burning smell of the product is that the idling and rotation of the blades cause the engine temperature to rise sharply. Lubricating oil and insulating paint on the motor surface evaporate. However, use is not affected. You can use them normally after a pause of about 30 minutes. It is recommended not to use it for a long time. After working for a long time, let the vertical mixer rest for 30 minutes, and then wait until the engine cools down before using it.

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