Delivery Information and Timelines

W make it Happen on LinkUP ”marketplace”. Shop for all your items and let’s get them delivered to your doorstep or office within the shortest possible time you can think of.

Our delivery timelines for your order is primarily based on your location. LinkUP deliver products to buyers/customers all over Ghana, in all the 16 regions within hours.

Our delivery system can be …

 D.T.D – Door to Door delivery, where we deliver the item straight to your doorstep
 P.U.L – Pick up Locations delivery, where we send the item to any of our locations near you for pick up.

Delivery days stated for your order is based on working days excluding weekends thus; from Monday to Friday.

Our delivery Timelines are categorized into 4 main sectors to cover the whole country. Sector 1 – 4.

1. Sector 1 covers Accra Metro, thus all the areas that come under Accra Metropolitan Assembly and some nearby locations

2. Sector 2 covers the entire Greater Accra Region

3. Sector 3 covers the other parts of the country other than the northern part

4. Sector 4 covers primarily the Northern part of the country and nearby locations/regions

Delivery Fees

Delivery charges or shipping fees are applied to all products on ”marketplace” unless otherwise stated under the product listing or promotional offers. Delivery fees are different based on the location of the buyer.

Our delivery fees can be applied in this form;

  • Express delivery – You receive the item faster than the normal time frame and pays higher delivery fees
  • Standard delivery – You receive the item within a normal time frame and pays a standard delivery fees.


Delivery fees are categorised into three based on the size of the items;

  • Small Size – they are related to items that are very small and handy in nature. Items like,
    modems, mobile phones, USB cards, watches, earphones etc.
  • Medium Sizes – they are related to items with its sizes like rice cooker, bags, laptops,
    blender, iron box, microwaves etc. and other related items.
  • Large Sizes – they are items which are large in nature like, washing machine, office desk and
    chairs, fridges, air conditioner, television set etc.